Including all amendment as per ICAI Announcement dated 10.06.2014. Incorporating the Companies Act,2013 to extent made applicable for Nov. 2014 Exams as per ICAI Announcement dated 20.05.2014

 This book has been specially designed for the students appearing in CA (Final) Examination of ICAI. It has been written in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by ICAI for Paper 4: Corporate and Allied Laws.

•   The simplified language used in this Book would make the study
     simple and interesting. The detailed discussion and inter-linking
     of topics would help the students in building strong conceptual clarity.
•   The main highlight of this Edition is the inclusion of the provisions
     of the Companies Act, 2013.
•   The Companies Act, 2073 has been included in this Book only to such
     extent as has been made applicable by ICAI for November, 2014 Exams
     as per ICAI Announcement dated 20.05.2014.
•   Before starting Company Law, Students are advised to go through the
     'Guidelines for studying Company Law' given before Page No. 1.1.
•   This Edition incorporates more than 550 Solved Questions and
     more than 400 Solved Practical Problems.
•   All the Theoretical Questions and Practical Problems asked in
    Past 20 CA (Final) Examinations have been included (to the extent
    these questions and practical problems are relevant as per the law
    applicable as on date). The answers fo the Theoretical Questions and
    Practical Problems have been given as per the law applicable for
    November, 2014 Exams (viz. applicable provisions of the
    Companies Act, 2013 and such provisions of the Companies Act, 1956
    as have not been repealed.
•   The book includes a 'Trend' showing distribution of marks in
     Past 10 CA (Final) Examinations.
•   This Edition includes all the Amendments, Notifications and Circulars
     applicable for November, 201 4 Exams (As per the announcement of
     Board of Studies, ICAI - Dated
•   This Book has been updated and Amended as on 1st May, 2014, and is
    applicable for November, 2014 CA (Final) Exams.

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Author(s)CA CS Munish Bhandari
PublisherBestword Publications Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJanuary 2014