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A winning formula now for over 15 years, each series volume has been fine tuned and fully updated, with an improved layout tailored to make your life easier. Especially written by junior doctors - those who understand what is essential for exam success - with all information thoroughly checked and quality assured by expert Faculty Advisers, the result is a series of books which exactly meets your needs and you know you can trust. 
Psychiatry can present a unique and sometimes daunting set of challenges to those approaching the specialty for the first time. This substantially revised fourth edition provides an accessible yet comprehensive introduction to this fascinating field. Ideal both as a revision aid and for preparation for work in A&E, the wards, clinics or GP surgeries, this book is full of practical hints and tips which will inspire confidence and to guide you towards systematic assessments, rational diagnoses and evidence based management plans.

Key Feature:- 
- More than 220 line artworks, tables and boxes present clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow manner
- Friendly and accessible approach to the subject makes learning especially easy
- Written by junior doctors for students - authors who understand exam pressures
- Contains ‘Hints and Tips’ boxes, and other useful aide-mémoires
- Succinct coverage of the subject enables ‘sharp focus’ and efficient use of time during exam preparation
- Contains a fully updated self-assessment section - ideal for honing exam skills and self-testing

Table of Content:-
1 The patient with low mood 
2 The patient with elevated or irritable mood 
3 The patient with suicide or self-harm intent 
4 The psychotic patient 
5 The patient with anxiety, fear or avoidance 
6 The patient with a reaction to a stressful event or bereavement 
7 The patient with obsessions and compulsions 
8 The patient with medically unexplained symptoms 
9 The patient with impairment of consciousness, memory or cognition 
10 The patient with alcohol or substance use problems 
11 The patient with personality and impulse-control problems 
12 The patient with eating or weight problems 
13 The mood (affective) disorders 
14 The psychotic disorders: schizophrenia 
15 The anxiety and somatoform disorders 
16 Dementia and delirium 
17 Alcohol and substance-related disorders 
18 The personality disorders 
19 Eating disorders 
20 Disorders related to menstruation, pregnancy and the puerperium 
21 The sleep disorders 
22 The psychosexual disorders 
23 Child and adolescent psychiatry 
24 Old-age psychiatry 
25 Forensic psychiatry 
26 Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis 
27 Pharmacological therapy and ECT 
28 Psychological therapy 
29 Mental health legislation 
30 Mental health service provision 

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General Information  
PublisherElsevier Science
Edition4th Edition
Publish YearDecember 2015