The Labour law is a subject of constantly changing nature. Legislative process, whether Central or State, keeps a close eye on labour matters and is always ready with a revision or amendment. Judicial approach to laws dealing with labour also keeps changing more quickly as compared with other fields of law. The book includes a study of the important labour codes. The text material has been arranged topicwise but the sequence of statutory provisions has not been ignored. The emphasis is given to include Supreme Court decisions for composing a complete commentary, High Court decisions of outstanding value have been taken into account not only for completing the version but also for its enrichment and illustrative ability. ""The primary aim of the presentation is to cater to the needs of the student in all courses in which labour and industrial law is a prescribed subject. Labour Law is not a subject of wide presumption. It has established its presence on the syllabus of business management schools, chartered accountants, company Secretaries, works accountants institutes. It is also figuring in master\'s courses like sociology, public administration, etc. It is also part of the courses in commerce education. Every course has its own points of emphasis and its own purpose. In sociology and master of social works courses, for example, labour law appears as a part of social welfare programme. In commerce and economics, it counts its value in demonstrating economic costs and expenses. In business schools, it is a part of human resource ""management. An attempt has been made through the pages of the book to state the law in terms of propositions of universal value. There was always the need for a book which would study labour laws with this angle in mind. To the fulfilment of this need the present work is hopefully dedicated.

More Details about Criminal Procedure– I; Vol 32

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