The book 'Crops of India' of India has been written with (I) Field crops and (II) Plantation crops, for the students of all agricultural universities of India. The post-graduate students of Botany subject of general universities of the country, will also be benefitted with this new type of book. Even the post-graduate students of Indo-subcontinent (i.e. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) will also be benefitted with this book.The book covers nearly 550 crops, in 12 chapters where 4 chapters with field crops under (i) cereals, (ii) pulses, (iii) oil-seeds, (iv) fibers, (v) tubers, (vi) sugars, (vii) vegetables, (viii) fodders, (ix) green manuring crops, (x) medicinal plants, (xi) spices, (xii) fruits, (xiii) flowers (including succulents and ornamentals), (xiv) beverage, (xv) narcotics and (xvi) weeds, in different seasons, were dealt with, along with plantation crops, having 8 chapters with (1) fruits, (2) medicinal plants, (3) tree-fodders, (4) beverages and narcotics (5) timbers and other furniture plants, (5) spices, (7) industrial crops and (8) plants for fuel.The book has been written in a short format on the items like (i) Climatic requirements, (ii) Soil requirements, (iii) Required land situation, (iv) Importance of crops, (v) Fertilizer management (vi) Water management, (vii) Duration of the crop/plant, (viii) Parts used, (ix) Habitat, (x) Export possibility, (xi) Economic yields, (xii) Economic values, (xiii) By-products and (xiv) Use of by-products, along with scientific names, family, types of plants and parts used, of all the crop mentioned.

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General Information  
Author(s)Das and N R
PublisherScientific Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2011