This unique book by a widely respected Indian central banker speaks directly to the ‘Common Person’, the ordinary citizen. It aims to help him or her understand financial policies that affect society as a whole and also of course the lives of individuals. The author believes very strongly that it is increasingly important for everyone to have a working understanding of the nature and significance of financial policies. While the writing steers clear of unnecessary financial jargon, where unavoidable, the author explains important concepts and terms in simple language. The book also provides a glossary of essential terms. The book is divided into nine parts that deal with a wide range of issues including monetary policies announced by the Reserve Bank of India, current account deposit schemes, ‘iniquity’ in income tax law and distributive justice, banking schemes for Non-Resident Indians, the subsidy on LPG, inflation, and the problems of senior citizens. The author voices concerns over policies like those on interest rates on savings accounts, a topic especially close to the heart of every common person. He advocates the deregulation of interest rates on savings bank deposits and the introduction of a gold bank in India. He critically analyzes various monetary policies of the RBI and its effects on the Indian economy. This book reaches out to all those who have no specialization in finance and equips them with the information they need to understand vital issues and to voice their concerns rather than remaining silent spectators.

More Details about Cross Currents–Law and More Interpreting Financial Policies for the Common Person

General Information  
Author(s)S S Tarapore
PublisherLexis Nexis
BindingSoft Cover
Publish YearJanuary 2013