In addition to a comprehensive overview of the discipline, "Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective, International Edition", goes beyond basic introductory material by emphasizing the application of the theory, insights, and methods of cultural anthropology to contemporary situations that students, both majors and non-majors, are likely to encounter in their professional and personal lives. In the ninth edition, co-author Susan Andreatta adds her expertise in economic and medical anthropology to that of Gary Ferraro, who has worked extensively in the anthropology of business, education, and organizational structures. Through the book's lucid narrative and wealth of modern examples, students come to understand how to view the world in which they find themselves today. Chapter-opening applied case studies, such as one on Chinese-American children being sent to and returning from China (Chapter 9), catch the attention of students and remind them that the study of anthropology truly is relevant to our lives. Additional case studies, the popular 'Cross-Cultural Miscues' presenting real-life examples, and 'Applied Perspectives' features, including anthropology in the courtroom (Chapter 1) and Andreatta's work with North Carolina fisherman (Chapter 7), are designated with a 'SWAP' icon ('Share with a Parent' or friend) to encourage students to recognize the importance and necessity of understanding culture, what it is, and how it changes and impacts individuals living in today's world.

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Author(s)Susan Andreatta and Gary P Ferraro
Publish YearJanuary 2011