More Details about Desigen And Applications Of Nanomaterials For Sensors

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Publish YearJuly 2014


Design and Applications of Nano materials for Sensors begins with an introductory contribution by the editors that: gives an overview of the present state of computational and theoretical methods for nanotechnology; outlines hot topics in this field and points to expected developments in the near future. This general introduction is followed by 15-30 review chapters by invited experts who have substantially contributed to the recent developments of nano materials for sensors. Guided by molecular and quantum theories, this contributed volume gives a broad picture of the current and past advances that were necessary to develop nano sensors using nano materials. To illustrate the important and relevant applications of nano materials, Design and Applications of Nano materials for Sensors focuses on recent advances that extend the scope of possible applications of the theory, improve the accuracy with respect to experimentation and reduce the cost of these calculations. This volume also features new applications of theoretical chemistry methods to problems of recent general interest in nanotechnology whereby large computational experiments are now necessary.