More Details about Design Of Machine Elements 8th Edition

General Information  
Author(s)M F Spotts
PublisherPearson Education
Publish YearJanuary 2006


The classic textbook of Mechanics, Design of Machine Elements has entered its 8th edition with several updates and inclusions to make the book more relevant and useful to students. It has been published by Pearson and most of the features of this book are geared to help undergraduate engineering students to build a strong foundation for more advanced studies. Design of Machine Elements is not only a useful textbook for undergraduate students of engineering but also a reference book to aid students push their learning in this field further. One notable feature is that every chapter is almost completely self contained and can be read as an essay on the particular topic. Moreover, the chapters can be studied in any order to suit the student’s need during their engineering course. The review of the fundamentals of the strength of materials also serves as an excellent reference point for all studies in mechanical engineering. But the core aim of this book is to facilitate critical appraisal of machine designs. This is done by not only adding useful insights throughout the book, but also devoting an entire chapter to form-synthesis of machine parts which gives students a firm foundation for further study into these topics.