More Details about Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain

General Information  
Author(s)Alex J Moule Editor and M Lamar Hicks Editor
PublisherWiley Blackwell Publication
Edition1st Edition 2016
Publish YearSeptember 2016


Diagnosing Dental and Orofacial Pain: A Clinical Manual approaches a complex topic in a uniquely practical way. This text offers valuable advice on ways to observe and communicate effectively with patients in pain, how to analyze a patients’ pain descriptions, and how to provide a proper diagnosis of orofacial pain problems that can arise from a myriad of sources—anywhere from teeth, joint and muscle pain, and paranasal sinuses to cluster headaches, neuralgias, neuropathic pain and viral infections.

- Helps the student and practitioner understand the diagnostic process by addressing the exact questions that need to be asked and then analyzing verbal and non-verbal responses to these
- Edited by experts with decades of clinical and teaching experience, and with contributions from international specialists
- Companion website provides additional learning materials including videos, case studies and further practical tips for examination and Diagnosis
- Includes numerous color photographs and illustrations throughout to enhance text clarity