More Details about Diagnostic Evaluation of the Respiratory System

General Information  
Author(s)Claudio Sorino
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJune 2017


The book has been divided into four major sections: 1. Respiratory system assessment; 2. Evaluation of respiratory function; 3. Diagnostic imaging; 4. Invasive diagnostic procedures. These sections are further divided into chapters, each focusing on the comprehensive needs related to diagnostic technique. Where necessary, pathophysiological aspects have been added to clarify when and how to perform a diagnostic test and how to interpret the results. 

Another aspect that this book has addressed is the quality of diagnostic tests and procedures, both in terms of execution and interpretation. Indeed, in order for some diagnostic tests to be as safe as possible, particularly when considering invasive procedures, careful assessment is required regarding not only indications and contraindications, but also their execution. Moreover, the consequences of badly effectuated or misinterpreted tests can be worse than a test which has never been carried out, as it can lead to diagnostic misunderstandings and errors concerning the subsequent treatment plan. The quality of execution is particularly important for tests in which the role of the performer and/or the cooperation of the patient are crucial, such as pulmonary function tests, ultrasound, and invasive diagnostic procedures.

The book aims to be a valuable aid for medical students, pulmonologists and nonrespiratory physicians, who may refer to it for quick answers about the most appropriate choice of investigation in different clinical situations, as well as the correct interpretation of each symptom and test.

Key Features:- 

The book Diagnostic Evaluation of the Respiratory System focuses on the methods available to study the respiratory system. It is a useful and practical tool that allows to understand the respiratory signs and symptoms, to know which tests are needed to diagnose a respiratory disease, and how to interpret the result of each examination This book has four major sections: 1. Respiratory System Assessment, 2. Evaluation of Respiratory Function, 3. Diagnostic Imaging, and 4. Invasive Diagnostic Procedures.