Traditionally biotechnology is defined as a discipline that deals with the production of biomolecules by using microorganisms. Biotechnology has now become a very popular discipline with an explosion of information in the field. It primarily deals with cloning, characterization and manipulation of genes. The stage is now set for the commercialization of biotechnology. The revolution in biological science has impacted academicians, scientists and industrialists alike. As a result there is a change in the curriculum in biological sciences and several modern discoveries have been introduced.The area of biotechnology involves technologies that are quite recent, and the students and teachers of sciences and engineering as well as research scholars in these fields need to know the terms of biotechnology to complete their learning, teaching and research work. This dictionary is designed to serve as a ready-reference for the under-graduate, postgraduate and research students of biotechnological sciences, engineering, and also the teachers. The dictionary adequately covers molecular biology, microbiology, genetic engineering, tissue culture, biochemistry, environmental biotechnology, plant biotechnology and animal biotechnology areas. It can be efficiently used to prepare for the viva voce examinations in these subjects.

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Publish YearJanuary 2015