This Dictionary of Microbiology has been compiled as a clear immediatey accessible reference book. Every aspect of its conception and layout has been planned to help the reader to find information he needs with minimum difficulty. The purpose of this Dictionary is to clarify definitions and obscure meanings of technical term and phrases that form the vast vocabulary. Many of the words defined are common words which have been given unusual meanings in different countries by different researchers. Some of the words find their roots in the slang in different languages and have been very well accepted in common usage. Most of the terms come from a wide range of disciplines particularly- agricultural sciences bacteriology cell biology enzymology food sciences genetics health sciences natural resources pharmacology and toxicology. There are many terms in this Dictionary which do not have obvious microbiological connotations. They appeal here because they represent concept or terms essential to understanding different aspects of microbiology. In compiling a Dictionary of this kind it is necessary to consult many sourcessince the choice of clear and concise definitions is always a difficult task. The selection of the terms has been on the reading of the current literature. Even then many well known but little used terms may not be found. There are omissions some deliberate some accidental.

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Author(s)Sharma J L et al
Publish YearJanuary 2012