This publication is intended to be the third edition of a classic book on ultrasound first published in 1990. The aim of this book is to provide an easy to read, affordable, concise pocket reference in abdominal ultrasound imaging. When published in 1990, this was the only book that dealt with differential diagnosis in the field of abdominal ultrasonography. Since the publication of the two editions, abdominal ultrasonography has become firmly established as a valuable means of diagnosis and in many areas it has become a natural extension of the clinical examination. Incorporating an extensive list of differential diagnosis, this book provides a comprehensive summary of core knowledge of abdominal ultrasound. It is intended to provide an accessible source of information for radiologists, other physicians that practice ultrasound imaging and sonographers in training and practice. One criticism of the first and second editions was the lack of images. This initially was a deliberate move so as to keep the book affordable. To make the book more comprehensive, we have invited Dr Sabih to join the editorial team to enrich the book with his long experience in the practice of diagnostic ultrasound. He has taken the onerous task of adding images.

More Details about Differential Diagnosis Of Abdominal Ultrasound

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PublisherElsevier Science
Publish YearJanuary 2008