Differential Equations: Theory, Technique And Practice is an authority on ordinary principles of differential equations. The book has uses in various fields including the different branches of science, engineering and applied mathematics, which makes it a very useful text for students from different disciplines for solving day to day practical problems. The applications in the book depict how differential equations can be applied to several problems. The book covers the historical concepts on differential equations and the evolution of the main concepts of differential equations. The chapters also have notes on noted historical persons and their achievements. There are also longer notes on personalities like Carl Friedrich Gauss, Leonhard Euler and Pierre Simon De Laplace who helped in the development of modern concepts on differential equations. There are also several quality exercises at the end of each chapter and drill exercises to test basic understanding of the topic. Challenge Exercises cover more complex problems requiring deeper understanding of the topic, while Problems For Discussion And Exploration cover critical thinking questions that provoke deep thought. The book includes topics like Qualitative Properties and Theoretical Aspects, Nonlinear Theory, Fourier Series and its Basic Concepts, Laplace Transforms, Second-Order Linear Equations, Numerical Methods, and Calculus of Variations. Hard questions also contain hints for solving them and the book also has a Student’s Solutions Manual and an Instructor’s Solution Manual accompanying it. Each chapter also has an additional technology exercise at the end, in order to make the users benefit from computer algebra system.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2014