More Details about Differential Equations And Calculus Of Variations

General Information  
Author(s)Kumar R
Publish YearDecember 2013


Differential equations and calculus of variations arise on formulating various physical problems in applied mathematics physics and engineering in terms of mathematical equations. This book comprises two major parts: The first part on differential equations deals with the study of solutions of differential equations and partial differential equations by various methods such as series solutions laplace transform method Charpits method and Monges method. The second part on calculus of variation is devoted to the study of the integral problems to determine the functions such that a certain definite integral involving that function and its derivatives has maximum or minimum value. Some methods namely Eulers method Rayleigh- Ritz method Kantorovich method etc. have been described. The book covers all the contents of the course of differential equations and calculus of variations prescribed by UGC to implement it for undergraduate students studying at Indian universities. Numerous solved examples for better understanding of the subject. Applications of differential equations and calculus of variations described in separate chapters. Multiple choice questions after each section.