More Details about Digital Watermarking

General Information  
Author(s)Cox N J
Publish YearSeptember 2001


Digital watermarking is a key ingredient to copyright protection. It provides a solution to illegal copying of digital material and has many other useful applications such as broadcast monitoring and the recording of electronic transactions. Now, for the first time, there is a book that focuses exclusively on this exciting technology. "Digital Watermarking" covers the crucial research findings in the field: it explains the principles underlying digital watermarking technologies, describes the requirements that have given rise to them, and discusses the diverse ends to which these technologies are being applied. As a result, additional groundwork is laid for future developments in this field, helping the reader understand and anticipate new approaches and applications.This title emphasizes the underlying watermarking principles that are relevant for all media: images, video, and audio. It discusses a wide variety of applications, theoretical principles, detection and embedding concepts and the key properties of digital watermarks - robustness, fidelity, data payload, and security. It examines copyright protection and many other applications, including broadcast monitoring, transaction tracking, authentication, copy control, and device control. It presents a series of detailed examples called "Investigations" th...