The trend is to select several topics in mathematics that are essential to the study of many computer science areas and to expose the students to the mathematical Prerequisites in some other way. Similar development has aureoled in most engineering curricula. The selection of the topics was governed by our desire to introduce most of the basic terminology used in as many advanced courses in computer science as possible. In order to motivate the students properly, we feel that it is important to consider certain application as the terminology is introduced. There are several advantages in using this approach. Features It discussed about Mathematical logic It deals with set theory, relations,Ode ring and recursive function It contains a number of application dealings with topics such as the compilation of polish expressions, languages and grammars, the theory of fast-adders, and error detecting and correcting codes. It is concerned with boolean algebra and its applications to switching theory and sequential machines. It provide a brief Introduction to graph theory. It gives a very brief introduction to computability theory.

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Publish YearJanuary 2014