A unique, single source reference for all aspects of gears, Dudley's Handbook of Practical Gear Design and Manufacture, Second Edition provides comprehensive and consistent information on the design and manufacture of gears for the expert and novice alike. The second edition of this industry standard boasts seven new chapters and appendices as well as a wealth of updates throughout. New chapters and expanded topics include: Gear Types and Nomenclature, Gear Tooth Design, Gear Reactions and Mountings, Gear Vibration, The Evolution of the Gear Art, Novikov Gearing and the Inadequacy of the Term, and thoroughly referenced Numerical Data Tables. Logically organized and easily understood, the Handbook requires only a limited knowledge of mathematics for adequate application to almost any situation or question. Whether you are a high-volume gear manufacturer or a relatively small factory, the Handbook and some basic common sense can direct the sophisticated design of any type of gear, from the selection of appropriate material, production of gear blanks, cutting gear teeth, advanced methods of heat treatment, and gear inspection. No other sources of information are necessary for the gear designer or manufacturer once they have the Handbook.

Key Features:-

  • Offers a single-source reference for all aspects of the gear industry
  • Presents a comprehensive and self-consistent collection of knowledge, practical methods, and numeric
  • Discusses optimal design and manufacture of gears of all known designs for the needs of all industri
  • Explains concepts in accessible language and with a logical organization, making it simple to use ev
  • Provides adequate recommendations for gear practitioners in all areas of gear design, production, in
  • Includes practical examples of successful use of tools covered in the Handbook

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General Information  
Author(s)Radzevich S P
PublisherTaylor & Francis Exclusive(Cbs)
Publish YearMay 2012