More Details about Ecological Engineering For Pest Management

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Author(s)Geoff M Gurr
PublisherSBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJune 2008


Ecological Engineering is about manipulating farm habitats, making them less facourable for pests and more attractive to beneficial insects. Though they've received far less research attention and funding, ecological approaches may be safer and more sustainable then their controversial cousin, genetic engineering. This book brings together contributions from international workers leading the fast moving field of habitat manipulation, reviewing the field and paying the way towards the development and application of new pest management approaches. Chapters explore the frontiers of ecological engineering methods including molecular approaches, high tech marking and remote sensing. They also review the theoretical aspects of this field and how ecological engineering may interact with genetic engineering. The technologies presented offer opportunities to reduce cr5op losses to insects while reducing the use of pesticides and providing potentially valuable habitat for wildlife conservation. With contributions from the USA UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya and Israel, this book provides comprehensive coverage of international progress towards sustainable pest management. Contents : Contents Preface Contributors 1. Ecological engineering, habitat manipulation and pest management 2. Genetic engineering and ecological engineering: a clash of paradigms or scope for synergy? 3. The agroecological bases of ecological engineering for pest management 4. The landscape context of arthropod biological control 5. Use of behavioural and life-history studies to understand the effects of habitat manipulation 6. Molecular techniques and habitat manipulation approachers for parasitoid conservation in annual cropping systems 7. Marking and tracking techniques for insect predators and parasitoids in ecological engineering 8. Precision agriculture approaches in support of ecological engineering for pest management.