Electrical Machines (2e) targets the undergraduate students of Electrical, Electronics, and Instrumentation Engineering. The book discusses in detail electromagnetic systems, transformers, DC machines, induction machines, synchronous machines, special motors, and general machine theory. It introduces the readers to the principles, techniques, and current trends of electromechanical energy conversion (EMEC) devices. The book provides a strong foundation to the students when it deals with important concepts such as classes of squirrel cage motors, permanent magnetic materials and their applications, polyphase circuits, and servo motors. In many contemporary electrical machines, one of the most significant components is power electronics. The invention of solid-state devices and embedded computing systems has resulted in the development of newer motors of modern era. The book includes an introduction to power electronics and machine control. A discussion on speed and torque characteristics has also been made a part of this book. It also deals with the recent developments in electrical machines area of research.

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PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearJune 2013