Intended as a first text for the students of electronics, this book emphasizes the basic working principles and operations of semiconductor devices and teaches the reader how to analyze and design electronic circuits using various devices. In the second edition of the book, the treatment of the topics has been made simple and lucid with the help of extended derivations and an exhaustive number of new figures, illustrations and solved examples. Salient Features Circuits using diodes explained in detail with constant current source and constant voltage source regions Extensive coverage of FET, MOSFET, Dual Gate MOSFET, CMOS, MESFET, DVCVS/DVCCS Biasing of discrete BJTs and ICs discussed in detail Additional new topics on Thyristors, High Frequency Diodes, Tunnel Diodes Excellent pedagogy More than 425 solved examples 865 figures and illustrations 640 Chapter-end Exercises, including Multiple Choice Questions and Unsolved Problems Answers to all Multiple Choice Questions

More Details about Electronic Devices And Circuit, 2/E

General Information  
Author(s)B P Singh and Rekha Singh
Edition2nd Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2012