More Details about Emerging Trends in Cartilage Tympanoplasty With CD-Rom

General Information  
Author(s)KK Desarda
Publish YearJanuary 2016


It provides an insight of the current state-of-art in reconstructive cartilage tympanoplasty. Eventhough several methods have been published, this work illustrates the functional differences between them for the better outcome in cartilage tympanoplasty. Technical modifications in different pathological conditions and in difficult situations are well discussed in the surgical procedures with appropriate solutions. The book discusses a study of 600 cases of varied middle ear pathologies, both safe and unsafe type such as perforations, cholesteatoma, atelectatic, retraction pockets, ossicular deformities, and recurrent mastoid cavity problems. It includes chapters on efficacy of evicel (fibrin-sealant) in composite graft tympanoplasty, current concepts in paediatric cartilage tympanoplasty and for easy understanding of the pathological conditions of various methods in cartilage tympanoplasty. A chapter colour atlas of otoscopy has been given. This book will be a handy tool for the postgraduate students and consultant otolaryngologists.