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Author(s)Grimes C A
Publish YearOctober 2005


From Accurate IC Temperature Sensor without Trimming to Zinc Oxide Thin Films Applied to UV Light and Ozone Sensors, this 10-volume encyclopedia collects 225 review chapters from an international group of contributors summarizing the current state of the art in sensor science and engineering. The editors (all of the U. of Pennsylvania) have sought to include the full breadth of the field that might be of interest to practitioners, whether they be concerned with medical diagnostics, control or automation of industrial manufacturing processes, or the chemical and physical analysis of other planets. Entries average 20 pages each and include full listings of references, with the encyclopedia amassing some 35,000 references in all. A few examples of topics may demonstrate the diversity of coverage: acoustic gas sensors, cantilever-based biosensors, computer screen photo-assisted techniques, drug ion-selective sensors, fiber-optic hydrogen gas sensor, humidity sensors, low-dimensional semiconducting scintillators, mathematical analysis of sensor properties, monitoring brain chemical signals by microdialysis, piezo-optical sensors, sensor and detector technologies for chemical warfare agents, techniques for linearization of sensor data, and temperature sensors for hostile environments. A comprehensive index is included in the final volume, as is the full.