This book, now in its third edition, is revised and elaborated specifically to address the needs of the latest course curriculum in Engineering Chemistry for the first-year students of all branches of engineering. The topics covered in the book are customarily taught in several universities and institutes. The book exposes students to fundamental knowledge in: Treatment of water, polymers and composites; Applications of surface chemistry and the concept of nuclear energy and energy storage devices; Chemical thermodynamics and nanochemistry; Electrochemistry and principles involved in corrosion and its inhibition and protective coatings; Analysis of fuels and combustion, phase rule, important analytical techniques (spectroscopy) and photochemistry; Manufacturing processes, properties and applications of glass and cement.

Key Features:-

  • Several worked-out examples to help students reinforce their comprehension of theory.
  • Numerous short and descriptive questions at the end of each chapter to test and foster students’ con
  • Chapter-end problems to help students become proficient in problem-solving.

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General Information  
Publish YearAugust 2014