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Engineering Mechanics, Strength Of Materials And Elements Of Structural Analysis by Venkatramaiah C, CBS PUBLICATION

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Venkatramaiah C
    Publish YearDecember 2009


    CBS PUBLICATION Engineering Mechanics, Strength Of Materials And Elements Of Structural Analysis by Venkatramaiah C

    This book is a rare combination of the basic knowledge in the areas of Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials and Structural Analysis, which is essential for an engineer. Parts I and II cover Statics and Dynamics, while part Ill c Strength of Materials (or Solid Mechanics, as it is usually called) and Elements of Structural Analysis. The book, written entirely in the S.l. Units, has the following special features: 1. Exhaustive coverage of all the topics. 2. Lucid presentation of the concepts. 3. Wide variety of illustrative problems, and adequate number of practice problems along with answers. 4. Logical sequence of the topics and nomenclature. 5. Over 500 objective questions along with answers, useful for a student preparing for competitive examinations like GATE and IES. The book is designed to cover two/three courses depending upon the pattern of the curriculum Annual, Semesterand embodies the long experience of the authors in teaching the subject and the response from several student groups.1 force and force systems. 2 coplanar concurrent forces. 3 coplanar non-concurrent forces. 4 analysis of pin-jointed frames. 5 centroid and centre of gravity. 6 moment of inertia. 7 graphic statics. 8 friction. 9 lifting machines. 10 virtual work. 11 tectilinear motion. 12 prijectile motion. 13 curvilinear translation. 14 rotation and general plane motion of a rigid body. 15 laws of motion. 16 work, energy and power. 17 impulse and momentum. 18 impect and collision of elastic bodies. 19 transmission of power. 20 mechanical vibrations. 21 simple stress and strain. 22 compound stresses and strains-principal planes and principal stresses. 23 strain energy and resilience. 24 shearing force and bending moment in beams. 25 normal stresses in bending. 26 shear stresses in bending. 27 deflection of beams. 28 torsion of cylindrical shafts and helical springs. 29 combined flexure and direct stress and long columns. 30 stresses in pressure vessels