Equine management is a multi disciplinary concept and in-depth knowledge is required to achieve optimal results in terms of health, production and work energy output. No doubt, sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical training can only help in scientific management of equine stock. Accordingly, with a view to generate increased awareness and scientific know-how in the field of equine husbandry to the students of veterinary profession in various Agricultural/Veterinary Universities, academicians engaged in teaching animal management to undergraduate courses, there is a felt need of having a standard textbook which deals with the fundamental concepts of equine management in the Indian context. Concepts to be meaningful are to be related to environment and foreign textbooks often are of limited help to the teachers, the teachers and the taught with regard to India?s equine production, its resources and specific requirement. The authors of this textbook, who have vast experience in all aspects of modern scientific equine husbandry practices, have strived hard to bring this textbook which deals with the basics of equine management in totality. The book is in consonance with the syllabi requirement of undergraduate students of Veterinary Colleges in India. It will make an extremely interesting reading not only to students but to all equine lovers and those actively engaged in the field of equestrian sports. In addition to covering all important concepts of equine husbandry, the book includes chapters on Feeds and Feeding, Reproduction and Breeding as well as on Maintenance of Helath and Disease Control. The Chapters on Doping in equines, FEI Rules to conduct the Equestrian Sports, Welfare of horses, Equine Dentistry will be of immense value to the readers. The hallmark of the book is its chapter 30 dealing with Equine management in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Disaster.

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Author(s)Parmar B S
Publish YearJanuary 2010