Equine Neurology, Second Edition is a comprehensive, clinically oriented reference to neurologic diseases and conditions in equine patients. Offering a highly practical, problem–based approach, the book provides diagnostic algorithms, charts, and tables, all intended to act as resources for the nervous system exam, differential diagnosis, and treating neurology presentations. For the first time, the Second Edition includes access to downloadable video clips on a companion website, and adds chapters on imaging the nervous system, neuronal physiology, sleep disorders, head shaking, differential diagnosis of muscle trembling and weakness, and cervical articular process joint disease. The only book to bring together information on equine neurology into a single source, the coverage encompasses the foundations of clinical neurology, clinical neurology such as the exam, diagnostics, differentials, and neuropathology, and specific disease syndromes. Equine Neurology, Second Edition is an essential tool for veterinary clinicians and students to effectively and confidently recognize, diagnose, and treat neurologic disorders in equine patients.

Key Features:-

  • Offers a complete clinical reference to neurologic conditions in equine patients
  • Takes a problem–based approach to present a clinically oriented perspective
  • Provides encyclopedic, well–referenced coverage of the topic
  • Includes access to a companion website offering video clips demonstrating presenting signs

More Details about Equine Neurology

General Information  
Author(s)Martin Furr and Stephen Reed
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2015