The presentation of the subject matter is systematic and the language of the text is lucid, comprehensive and easy to understand. Taken from the Greek, Nano means one billionth part of a whole; or very, very small. Nanotechnology is the next step after miniaturisation. Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies bridge the gap between detailed technical publications that are beyond the grasp of non-specialists and popular science books. It provides a fascinating, scientifically sound treatment, accessible to engineers and scientists outside the field and even to students at the undergraduate level. It includes molecular nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanopowders, nanoelectronics, optics and photonics, and nanobiometrics. This book scrutinises the cutting edge of a new technology that will find usage in almost every single aspect of modern society.

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Author(s)Anand and R
Publish YearAugust 2014