The new edition of this brief introductory text retains the hallmark features that have made its parent text unique, while offering a more manageable, student-friendly format. The book was written with three goals in mind: to make the study of psychology accessible and engaging to the beginning student in psychology, to provide students with a solid grounding in the knowledge base in psychology, and to help students succeed in the course. Nevid's comprehensive learning system-derived from research on memory, learning, and textbook pedagogy-is featured throughout. This learning model incorporates what the author calls the 'Four Es of Effective Learning'- Engaging Student Interest, Encoding Information, Elaborating Meaning, and Evaluating Progress. "Essentials Of Psychology: Concepts And Applications, International Edition", provides a broad view of psychology as well as applications of the knowledge gained from contemporary research to the problems and challenges we face in today's world.

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Author(s)Jeffrey S Nevid
Publish YearJanuary 2011