More Details about Ethical Dilemmas In Neurology Vol. 36

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Publish YearNovember 2000


"Ethical Dilemmas in Neurology" aims to assist in the critical thinking that neurologists and other members of the neurological team must undertake as they face the ethical dilemmas which occur in every day practice. Divided into four principal sections, diagnosis and communication, therapy, funding and conflicts of interest, and finally, death and the withdrawal of treatment, the book encompasses a wide range of ethical issues encountered in a variety of clinical settings. The authors confront difficult questions and provide advice and recommendations. If the question of when to seek consent to make a diagnosis, or how to break the diagnosis of dementia to a patient, or when it is appropriate to breach confidentiality has ever taxed you, then, this book will both enlighten and educate. Similarly, what are the ethical grounds for enforcing treatment, or how are conflicts of interest resolved , are further dilemmas that this book tackles. Contributors from around the world have authored chapters which reflect their diverse backgrounds and different perspectives. Adam Zeman and Linda Emanuel have produced a book, which will help neurologists serve their patients better, and which is a welcome addition to the neurologists library.