Practical Pediatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy\" is the only text available that is focused on detailed instructions of all practical aspects of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures in children. The advice is based on unique personal experience of thousands of endoscopic or colonoscopic procedures, written by a team of authors with experience in performing the diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures in children and infants of all ages. This book gives detailed descriptions of the investigation, diagnosis and therapeutic pediatric GI endoscopy treatments and also looks at the mechanical and optical characteristics of endoscopes and principles of image processing with special attention to the differences between instruments used for adults and for pediatric patients. The step-by-step description of each procedure explains the purpose of each maneuvre, with much greater emphases on the practical aspects of diagnostics and therapeutic procedures to provide the best results and maximize patient safety. It looks at patient care before, during and after procedures and considers the new and less invasive Wireless Capsule Endoscopy options that will be less traumatic for the pediatric patient. The key points of each step are accompanied by easy-to-follow color diagrams and a comprehensive atlas of endoscopic images, illustrating both normal and abnormal pathology, aiding and perfecting diagnosis and treatment. The diagnostic procedures described are tailored to the age-related variation in common GI pathology and this book gives comprehensive descriptions and explanations of the differences for procedures in children from those in adults.

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PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearJanuary 2007