Integration of economies on a global scale is allowing markets in developing countries to boom. This has significantly increased demands for financial professionals. Author Sunil K. Parameswaran assesses the various aspects of global markets through this book. The book has seventeen chapters overall, with eight of them dealing with the future, seven dealing with options, and the other two discussing about swaps and the Indian derivatives market. The chapters dedicated towards assessing the futures talk about future contracts and their valuation, speculation, and hedging, exchanges and orders, future in terms of the money market and bond market, foreign exchange forwards, and stock index futures. These aspects have been thoroughly examined by the author and have been presented in a detailed manner. From the eighth chapter onwards, the book discusses options. This part of Futures And Options: Concepts And Applications concentrates on the various fundamentals such as common terms related to options, call and put options, and notation. Restrictions in arbitrage, profit diagrams, and option strategies, option valuation, options regarding stock indexes and volatility indexes, exotic options, and options regarding terms and valuation of interest rates are also discussed in detail. The two chapters dealing with Indian derivative markets and swaps deal with currency forwards, currency futures, margining and interest rate swaps and their valuation, termination of a swap, and currency swaps respectively.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2009