The present edition of the book contains completely revised information on new technical developments and knowledge. The handbook explanis the need for mineral fertilizers, their role in plants and soil characteristics which are relevant to fertilization. A new section provides general recommendations for selected crops. The chapter on "How to determine fertilizer needs" includes information on deficiency symptoms and on soil and plant tissue testing. A chapter is devoted to explaining and giving advice on laying out fertilizer demonstrations and on extension techniques in general. The book contains rationale for the need of fertilizers (Increase of Production and increase of farm income) by increase in crop yields and improve fertilizer efficiency. Nutrients their role for the plants and their resources, Soils Fertilizers. The present book would prove useful for post graduate students of Agriculture. Soil Science and Agronomy. Also useful for farmers.

More Details about Fertilizers and Their Use, 4th Edition

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PublisherScientific Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2015