More Details about Financial Instruments as per Ind AS (Accounting, Reporting, Presentation & Disclosures) 2E

General Information  
Author(s)R Venkata Subramani
PublisherWolters Kluwer
Edition2nd Edition
Publish YearMay 2018


Financial Instruments as per Ind AS (Accounting, Reporting, Presentation & Disclosures) 2nd Edition By R Venkata Subramani

About the Book
• Financial instrument is probably the most complex topic in the entire literature of accounting standards. This book covers all the relevant standards that deal with financial instruments viz., Ind AS 32, 109, 107, 113 and 21
• India never had any formal accounting standards on financial instruments till the introduction of Ind AS. Since India is first amongst the several geographical locations implementing the accounting standard covering financial instruments, we don’t have any precedence for guidance on several of the new concepts that are introduced by IFRS 9 which are imported verbatim into Ind AS 109.
• The key concepts of the accounting standard are discussed along with several illustrations to elucidate and amplify the topic for better understanding.
• The book gives a complete set of journal entries along with the ledger accounts, trial balance, profit & loss account and balance sheet so as to provide a good understanding of the topic covered.
• Financial instruments from the perspective of investor as well as the issuer is covered in this book.
• Financial instruments recognition, classification, measurement, de-recognition is covered. The new impairment requirements based on the expected credit model is given with a number of examples.
• Hedge accounting as per Ind AS 109 is covered in great detail. The second edition also covers the accounting treatment of cost of hedging as this is a new concept that helps investor to minimize the fluctuations in profit and loss account due to the cost of hedging.
• Hedging instruments covered include interest rate derivatives and FX derivatives.