Enlist the help of an actual former CFO to introduce your students to the key financial management topics with the seventh edition of Financial Management: Principles and Practice, 7e. Author, former successful CFO and recognized instructor William R. Lasher captivates your students with unique insights into the issues and challenges facing financial managers every day. From a look at hidden agendas and the biases of decision makers in the firm to their effect on the analyses of financial proposals, Lasher's practical, relevant presentation promises to keep students reading. This edition examines the latest financial developments, including a new discussion on IPOs as a broad topic and the sale of Facebook stock and its fallout in particular. Throughout this edition, Lasher delivers an engaging, thorough presentation that is perfectly matched to the needs of today's business students. He substitutes advanced math in theory sections with everyday math, numerous worked-out examples and graphical and intuitive presentations. Lasher's Financial Management: Principles and Practice, 7e, delivers the solid understanding of financial management your business students need for future success.

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PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearMay 2015