With the sixteenth edition of Financial & Managerial Accounting: The Basis for Business Decisions, the Williams author team continues to be a solid foundation for students who are learning basic accounting concepts. In this revision, the authors have added to and refined the coverage of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), particularly in Chapter 15 (“Global Business and Accounting”). Hallmarks of the text including the solid Accounting Cycle Presentation, relevant pedagogy, and high quality, end-of-chapter material have been updated throughout the book.

Salient Features:
Balanced Coverage- The 16th edition of Williams provides the most balanced coverage of financial and managerial topics on the market. The author team has revised and refined the presentation of traditional financial accounting topics by updating to reflect important changes
-Clear Accounting Cycle Presentation - In the first five chapters of Financial and Managerial Accounting, the authors present the Accounting Cycle in a clear, graphically interesting 4-step process
-Managerial Chapter Coverage - The managerial chapters cover timely topics, such as Just In Time Systems and Total Quality Management
-Wide Variety of End of Chapter Material - TWO sets of Problems, a full set of Exercises, and a full set of Brief Exercises in EACH chapter provide plenty of opportunities for students to practice the concepts they’ve learned in each chapter

Chapter 1: Accounting: Information for Decision Making
Chapter 2: Basic Financial Statements
Chapter 3: The Accounting Cycle: Capturing Economic Events
Chapter 4: The Accounting Cycle: Accruals and Deferrals
Chapter 5: The Accounting Cycle: Reporting Financial Results
Comprehensive Problem 1: Susquehanna Equipment Rentals
Chapter 6: Merchandising Activities
Chapter 7: Financial Assets
Chapter 8: Inventories and the Cost of Goods Sold
Comprehensive Problem 2: Guitar Universe, Inc.
Chapter 9: Plant and Intangible Assets
Chapter 10: Liabilities
Chapter 11: Stockholders' Equity: Paid-in Capital
Comprehensive Problem 3: McMinn Retail, Inc.
Chapter 12: Income and Changes in Retained Earnings
Chapter 13: Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 14: Financial Statement Analysis
Comprehensive Problem 4: Home Depot, Inc.
Chapter 15: Global Business and Accounting
Chapter 16: Management Accounting: A Business Partner
Chapter 17: Job Order Cost Systems and Overhead Allocations
Chapter 18: Process Costing
Chapter 19: Costing and the Value Chain
Chapter 20: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Chapter 21: Incremental Analysis
Comprehensive Problem 5: The Gilster Company
Chapter 22: Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing
Chapter 23: Operational Budgeting
Chapter 24: Standard Cost Systems
Chapter 25: Rewarding Business Performance
Comprehensive Problem 6: Utease Corporation
Chapter 26: Capital Budgeting
Appendix A: 2009 Home Depot Financial Statements
Appendix B: The Time Value of Money: Future Amounts and Present Values
Appendix C: Forms of Business Organization

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General Information  
Author(s)Jan R Williams; Mark S Bettner
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Edition16th Edition
Publish YearNovember 2015