For junior/senior-level courses in Fish Biology/Ecology, Ichthyology, and Fish Physiology.One of the most comprehensive and current general sources of information on fishes, this text covers a broad number of topics such as including the structure and physiology, evolution, otaxanomy, zoogeography, ecology, and conservation of fishes. While providing the basic background of fish biology, the conservation approach and up-to-date coverage conveys the excitement being generated by recent research on fishes. Salient Features NEW - Completely updated chapters. Over 300 new references keep students and instructors abreast of the latest, exciting developments in the field. NEW - Web Connections links listed at the end of each chapter—Topical internet links listed at the end of each chapter. Encourages students to use the internet sites that allow them to dig deeper into topics of interest. NEW - Over 70 new boxed features—1-3 per chapter, these boxes supplement discussions within the text by highlighting new and interesting facts and recent information or discoveries in the field to supplement discussions within the text. NEW - Expanded use of international examples. Provides more global comprehensive examples for a broader perspective of fishes. Conservation orientation—Includes references to applied problems in all chapters that reflect the interests of the authors in real-world issues. Sustains students' interest and takes the subject matter beyond the classroom. "Lessons" from the chapter—Appear in the text at the end of each chapter. Provides students with the most important concepts and key ideas from the chapter. Offers instructors a good basis for essay-type questions. Unique system-by-system coverage of ecology—Provides detailed examinations of specific habitats, their fish assemblages, and the special physical, chemical, and biological factors that characterize them. Gives students solid, thorough coverage of the unique ecologies of many different fish habitats. Updated fish classification system. Provides students with the latest version of Nelson's book on fish classification.

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Author(s)Peter B Moyle and Joseph J Cech
Edition5th Edition
Publish YearSeptember 2015