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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearMay 2012


A Framework for Supply Chains: Logistics Operations with an Asia-Pacific Perspective is the first text devoted to this subject in the specific context of Asia-Pacific countries and applying logistics theory to the particular challenges facing supply chain operations in the region. While providing a complete course for students at diploma level, it is also a substantial and informative resource for students at the undergraduate or postgraduate university level. It is of value for practicing logistics managers and others in industry and the logistics services sector. Over 16 chapters the text provides the essential knowledge for an introduction to: Logistics and supply chains, Logistics operations, Integrating demand and supply, Measurement and management of logistics operations. Each chapter includes clearly stated learning outcomes, key terms, a wealth of informative diagrams and illustrations, and a suite of end-of-chapter questions and exercises. A case study section at the end of the book gives extensive practice in applying theory to real-world challenges in the region.