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Mainly designed for undergraduate students of Digital Principles and Logic Design, Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design strikes a perfect balance between explaining the concepts and illustrating their practical application through CAD tools. A proper understanding of logic circuits, that is, circuits from which computers are built, is vital for today’s computer and electrical engineers. In this book, the authors have given detailed theoretical explanations and have also included several examples to further enhance the students’ understanding of simple circuit design, using the classic manual method and modern day methods, using CAD tools. There is an emphasis on Programmable Logic Devices, using the most appropriate modern technology, FPGA and CPLD. The use of the IEEE standard Verilog HDL language has also been discussed. The software, Altera Quartus II, is included in this text. This software provides automatic mapping of a design into Altera CPLDs and FPGAs. The book also provides numerous examples of design that can help complement a course. The authors have included 173 solved examples, 687 illustrations and 356 problems. There are 12 chapters in the book. These are Design Concepts, Introduction to Logic Circuits, Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions, Implementation Technology, Combinational-Circuit Building Blocks, Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits, Synchronous Sequential Circuits, Asynchronous Sequential Circuits, Flip-Flops, Registers, Counters and a Simple Processor, Testing of Logic Circuits, Digital System Design, and Computer Aided Design Tools. Appendix A is Verilog Reference and Appendix B is Commercial Devices. Each chapter begins with a section titled Chapter Objectives, which gives an overview of what the chapter deals with.