More Details about Fundamental Mechanics Of Fluids, 4th Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Currie I G
PublisherT and F India
Publish YearSeptember 2012


Fundamental Mechanics of Fluids, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive guide that elaborately dissects the fundamental mechanics of fluids. The book is divided into five main parts, with the first one called Governing Equations. This part explains the derivation of the basic conservation laws, flow kinematics and some other theorems of fluid mechanics. The second part is titled Ideal Fluid Flow and discusses 2 and 3 dimensional potential flows and surface waves. The third part called Viscous Flows of Incompressible Fluids has chapters that cover shock waves, 1 - dimensional and multidimensional flows. The last section of the book is called Methods of Mathematical Analysis and it talks about the most frequently used analytical methods. The book concludes with an appendix that discusses vectors, thermodynamics, tensors and complex variables. The book has a total of 14 chapters that come with elaborately detailed illustrations which assist in the learning and understanding of the subject. It also has questions at the end of each chapter and problems, along with the solutions, that can help in practise and learning. Fundamental Mechanics of Fluids, Fourth Edition is written by Iain G Currie and was published by CRC Press in 2012. The book is a 4th edition and is available in hardcover.

Key Features:-

  • This book can be a used as a textbook and guide for advanced as well as introductory level knowledge