More Details about Fundamentals And Application Of Organic Electrochemistry Synthesis Materials Devices

General Information  
Author(s)Fuchigami T
PublisherJohn Wiley And Sons
Publish YearOctober 2014


This textbook is an accessible overview of the broad field oforganic electrochemistry, covering the fundamentals andapplications of contemporary organic electrochemistry. Thebook begins with an introduction to the fundamental aspects ofelectrode electron transfer and methods for the electrochemicalmeasurement of organic molecules. It then goes on to discussorganic electrosynthesis of molecules and macromolecules, includingdetailed experimental information for the electrochemical synthesisof organic compounds and conducting polymers. Later chaptershighlight new methodology for organic electrochemical synthesis, for example electrolysis in ionic liquids, the application toorganic electronic devices such as solar cells and LEDs, andexamples of commercialized organic electrode processes. Appendicespresent useful supplementary information including experimentalexamples of organic electrosynthesis, and tables of physical data(redox potentials of various organic solvents and organic compoundsand physical properties of various organic solvents).