More Details about Fundamentals Of Database Management Systems

General Information  
Author(s)Mark L Gillenson
Publish YearJanuary 2013


This lean, focused book concentrates on giving readers a clear understanding of database fundamentals while providing a broad survey of all the major topics of the field. The book is written in a clear, friendly style that progresses step-by-step through all of the major database topics. Each chapter begins with a story about a real company's database application, and is packed with examples. When readers finish the book, they will be able to immediately apply what they've learned in business. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface About the Author · Data: The New Corporate Resource · Simple File Storage and Retrieval · Data Modeling · The Database Management System Concept · The Relational Database Model: Introduction · The Relational Database Model: Additional Concepts · Logical Database Design · Physical Database Design · Relational Data Retrieval: SQL · Object-Oriented Database Management · Data Administration, Database Administration, and Data Dictionaries · Database Control Issues: Security, Backup and Recovery, Concurrency · Client/Server Database and Distributed Database · The Data Warehouse · Database and the Internet Index