Acoustics is a mature ?eld which enjoys a never ending youth. New developments are induced by either the search for a better understanding, or by technological innovations. Micro-fabrication techniques introduced a whole new class of micro devices, which exploit acoustic waves for various tasks, and in particular for information processing and for sensing purposes. Performance improvements are achievable by better modeling tools, able to deal with more complex con?gurations, and by more re?ned techniques of fabrication and of integration in technological systems, like wireless communications. Acoustics introduces the fundamentals of acoustic wave motion. It addresses in a clear and systematic way some of the most di?cult parts of acoustics for beginners. It provides readers with a self-contained source of information on acoustics from highly regarded resources. This book deals with the production, control, transmission, reception, and e?ects of sound. Owing to acoustics being an interdisciplinary ?eld, this book is intended to be equally accessible to readers from a range of backgrounds including electrical engineering, physics and mechanical engineering.

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Author(s)Abramo Adessi
PublisherScitus Academics
Publish YearJanuary 2016