More Details about Fundamentals Of Networking And Data Communications

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PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearJanuary 2012


Thirteen chapters introduce computer networks and data communications and include coverage of the language of computer networks and the effects of data communications on todays society. "Details" sections separate highly technical material from the rest of the chapter narrative. "In Action" examples demonstrate the chapters key topics in a realistic work environment. "Thinking Outside the Box" exercises at the end of each chapter challenge users to explore ideas beyond those explicitly outlined in the chapter. Updated to include the latest technologies, the Seventh Edition features expanded coverage of the TCP/IP protocol suite and OSI model, discussion of digital and analog signal basics, a section on UTP, a new discussion on 4G cellular, updated WiMax material, an introduction to the Thunderbolt interface, and new examples of FDM and TDM (cell phone systems and cash registers). Additional changes include the combination of infrared, ultra-wideband, Zigbee, and free space optics into one section; addition of an updated business multiplexing example; updated material on Ethernet switches; and placement of wireless Ethernet coverage in Chapter 8, Local Area Networks: Software and Support Systems. This edition presents new coverage on link aggregation, the spanning tree algorithm, and quality of service coverage; and reduced coverage on LAN network operating systems. Other new discussions cover General Public License (GPL), cloud storage of data, Unified Communications, information on IP addresses in greater detail, and new certifications requirements. Coverage of IP is divided into IPv4 and IPv6; VoIP content is updated, as is the material on firewalls; and discussions of HTML and 56k modems are significantly condensed.