More Details about Fundamentals Of Solid State Engineering

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Author(s)Hasad Demirci
PublisherScitus Academics
Publish YearJanuary 2016


The century has witnessed the phenomenal rise of natural science and technology into all aspects of human life. Three major sciences have emerged and marked this century, physical science which has strived to understand the structure of atoms through quantum mechanics, life science which has attempted to understand the structure of cells and the mechanisms of life through biology and genetics, and information science which has symbiotically developed the communicative and computational means to advance natural science. Microelectronics has become one of today’s principle enabling technologies supporting these three major sciences and touches every aspect of human life, such as food, energy, transportation, communication, entertainment, health and exploration. This textbook presents the basic physics concepts and thorough treatment of semiconductor characterization technology, designed for solid state engineers. The text gives an overview of the basic multidisciplinary aspects of physical science. In the area of Solid State Physics in particular, it aims at teaching all the fundamental scienti?c concepts essential to solid state engineering. The book is primarily emphasized in a variety of fundamental scienti?c concepts essential to solid state engineering, as well as the latest technological advances and modern applications in this area. Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering, delivers a multi-disciplinary introduction to solid state engineering, combining concepts from physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, materials science and mechanical engineering.