This book Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics is written for the benefit of engineering students desirous of excelling in the profession. The book has been brought out to benefit the engineering students. The contents are presented in a graded manner incorporating the principles of 'known to unknown', 'easy to difficult' and 'simple to complex' so that the knowledge is easier to comprehend. The variety of solved and unsolved practice exercises makes the text material learner-friendly so as to facilitate independent learning by the students. The text material covers engineering degree as well as diploma syllabi of various technical boards and universities. The presentation of the text material suits heterogeneous student masses with variable IQ. The solved and unsolved problems prepare the learners for professional competitive examinations as well as professional career in design, construction and manufacture, The book is highly suited for the basic course on strength of materials, mechanics of structures, and mechanics of solids, specially engineering students of civil, mechanical, automobile, aeronautics, and other engineering courses both at degree and diploma levels. The book is written in simple language easily understood by national and other regional language-speaking students. desirous of excelling in their examinations as well as in the profession.

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Author(s)Gahlot P S
Publish YearJanuary 2012