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GATE Topic wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers Computer Science and Information Technology by Pearson Education, Pearson India

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Pearson Education
    PublisherPearson India
    Publish YearDecember 2019


    Pearson India GATE Topic wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers Computer Science and Information Technology by Pearson Education

    This book provides leading platform for GATE aspirants to practice and hone their skills required to gain the best score in the examination. It includes more than 25 previous years' GATE questions segregated topic-wise supported by detailed step-wise solutions for all. Besides, the book presents the exam analysis at the beginning of every unit which will enable better understanding of the subject. The questions in the chapters are divided according to their marks, hence emphasizing on their importance. This, in turn, will help the students to get an idea about the pattern and weightage of these questions that appeared in the GATE exam every year
    Table of Content:
    Preface Syllabus: Computer Science and Information Technology Important Tips for GATE Preparation
    Unit 1: Digital Logic
    Chapter 1: Number Systems
    Chapter 2: Boolean Algebra
    Chapter 3: K-Maps
    Chapter 4: Combinational Circuits
    Chapter 5: Sequential Circuits
    Unit 2: Computer Organization
    Chapter 1: Computer Arithmetic
    Chapter 2: Memory Organization
    Chapter 3: Pipeline
    Chapter 4: CPU Organization
    Chapter 5: Control Unit Design
    Chapter 6: I/O Organization
    Chapter 7: Secondary Memories
    Chapter 8: Register Allocation
    Unit 3: Programming Languages
    Chapter 1: Programming Language Concepts
    Chapter 2: Programming in C (Part I)
    Chapter 3: Programming in C (Part II)
    Unit 4: Data Structures
    Chapter 1: Array
    Chapter 2: Stacksand Queues
    Chapter 3: Linked List
    Chapter 4: Trees
    Chapter 5: Graphs
    Chapter 6: Hashing
    Unit 5: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    Chapter 1: Algorithm Analysisand Asymptotic Notations
    Chapter 2: Divide and Conquer
    Chapter 3: Greedy Method
    Chapter 4: Dynamic Programming
    Chapter 5: PandNPConcepts
    Chapter 6: Optimal Binary Search Tree
    Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Topics
    Unit 6: Database Management System
    Chapter 1: ER– Diagrams
    Chapter 2: Functional Dependencies and Normalization
    Chapter 3: Structure Query Language
    Chapter 4: Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
    Chapter 5: Transactional and Concurrency Control
    Chapter 6: File Structure an Indexing
    Unit 7: Theory of Computation
    Chapter 1: RL, FA, RE and RG
    Chapter 2: CFL and PDA
    Chapter 3: CSL, RS, RES, LBA and TM
    Chapter 4: Undecidability
    Unit 8: Compiler Design
    Chapter 1: Lexical Analysis
    Chapter 2: Parsing Techniques
    Chapter 3: Syntax Directed Translation
    Chapter 4: Code Generated& Optimization
    Unit 9: Operating Systems
    Chapter 1: Process Management–I
    Chapter 2: Process Management–II
    Chapter 3: Deadlocks
    Chapter 4: Memory Management
    Chapter 5: File System and Device Management
    Unit 10: Computer Networks
    Chapter 1: Fundamental and SWP
    Chapter 2: Local Area Network
    Chapter 3: TCP/IP 10.10
    Chapter 4: Application Layer and Routing Algorithm
    Unit 11: Software Engineering
    Chapter 1: Software Engineering
    Unit 12: Web Technologies
    Chapter 1: Web Technologies
    Salient Features:
    • Includes around 32 years' GATE questions arranged chapter-wise
    • Detailed solutions for better understanding
    • Includes the latest GATE solved question papers with detailed
    • analysis
    • Comprehensively revised and updated