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GATE Topic wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers Electronics and Communication Engineering by Rajiv Kapoor, Pearson India

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Rajiv Kapoor
    PublisherPearson India
    Publish YearDecember 2019


    Pearson India GATE Topic wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers Electronics and Communication Engineering by Rajiv Kapoor

    This book provides the leading platform for GATE aspirants to practice and hone their skills required to gain the best score in the examination. It includes more than 25 previous years' GATE questions segregated topic-wise supported by detailed step-wise solutions for all. The book also represents the exam analysis at the beginning of every unit which will enable a better understanding of the subject. The questions in the chapters are divided according to their marks, hence emphasizing on their importance. This, in turn, will help the students to get an idea about the pattern and weightage of these questions that appeared in the GATE exam every year.
    Table of Content:

    Preface Reviewer About the Author Syllabus: Electronics and Communication Engineering Important Tips for GATE Preparation
    Unit 1: Network Theory
    Chapter 1: Basics of Network Analysis
    Chapter 2: Sinusoidal Steady State
    Chapter 3: Network Theorems
    Chapter 4: Transient Analysis
    Chapter 5: Two Port Networks
    Chapter 6: Graph Theory and State Equations
    Chapter 7: Network Functions
    Unit 2: Signals and Systems
    Chapter 1: Basics of Signals and Systems
    Chapter 2: LTI Systems Continues and Discrete
    Chapter 3: Fourier Series
    Chapter 4: Fourier Transforms
    Chapter 5: Laplace Transform
    Chapter 6: Z-Transform
    Chapter 7: DTFT and DFT
    Chapter 8: Sampling
    Unit 3: Control Systems
    Chapter 1: Basics
    Chapter 2: Block Diagram and SFG
    Chapter 3: Compensators and Controllers
    Chapter 4: Time Response Analysis
    Chapter 5: Stability Analysis
    Chapter 6: Root Locus
    Chapter 7: Frequency Analysis
    Chapter 8: State Space Analysis
    Unit 4: E lectronic Devices and Circuits
    Chapter 1: Basic
    Chapter 2: PN Junction
    Chapter 3: Bipolar Junction Transistor
    Unit 5: Analog Electronics
    Chapter 1: Operational Amplifiers
    Chapter 2: Diodes Applications
    Chapter 3: BJT Analysis
    Chapter 4: FET and Mosfet Analysis
    Chapter 5: Frequency Response of Amplifier
    Chapter 6: Feedback Amplifiers
    Chapter 7: Oscillator Circuits
    Chapter 8: Power Amplifiers
    Chapter 9: Multi-vibrators and 555 Timers
    Unit 6: Digital Circuits
    Chapter 1: Number System
    Chapter 2: Boolean Algebra
    Chapter 3: Logic Gates
    Chapter 4: Combinational Circuits
    Chapter 5: Sequential Circuits
    Chapter 6: Logic Families
    Chapter 7: Memories 6.70
    Chapter 8: ADC and DAC
    Unit 7: Microprocessors
    Chapter 1: Basics of 8085
    Chapter 2: Instructions of 8085 Microprocessor
    Chapter 3: Memory Interfacing
    Chapter 4: Microprocessor 8085 Interfacing
    Chapter 5: Microprocessor 8085 Interrupts
    Chapter 6: Microprocessor 8085 Programming
    Unit 8: Communication
    Chapter 1: Analog Communication Systems
    Chapter 2: Random Signals and Noise
    Chapter 3: Digital Communication Systems
    Chapter 4: Information Theory
    Unit 9: Electromagnetic Theory
    Chapter 1: Basics
    Chapter 2: Uniform Plane Waves
    Chapter 3: Transmission Lines
    Chapter 4: Waveguide
    Chapter 5: Antenna
    Salient Features:
    • Includes around 27 years' GATE questions arranged chapter-wise.
    • Detailed solutions for better understanding.
    • Includes the latest GATE solved question papers with detailed
    • analysis.
    • Comprehensively revised and updated.