More Details about Genomics And Genetics - From Molecular Details To Analysis And Techniques

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PublisherJohn Wiley And Sons
Publish YearJanuary 2007


With contributions by two Nobel Laureates, this careful selection of high-quality articles from the well proven Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine spans the whole range of topics in genomics and genetics. The first volume deals with molecular genetics, genomic organization and evolution, as well as genomes of model organisms, while the second goes on to treat genomic sequencing, genetic engineering and gene medicine and disease. Throughout, the chapters conform to a uniform structure, including a keyword glossary, a summary of the article in question and a list of literature references. The result is a readily accessible reference for geneticists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biotechnologists, pharmacologists, and developmental biologists, as well as those working in the pharmaceutical industry.