Global Strategic Management 2e provides a truly global, as opposed to multinational, perspective on strategy. It covers both traditional strategic management topics as well as new topics, such as corporate social responsibility and new technologies. Global Strategic Management gives the student a thorough understanding of the wide range of theories and research available in this field and provides a wealth of both mini- and full-length cases of successful global companies from the United States, Europe and emerging economies. Continuing with the concise treatment of topics, accessible writing style and clear structure that were such strengths of the first edition of this text, the second edition comprises 12 chapters divided into five parts. A new chapter, on knowledge and innovation, has been added. A fifth part on innovation has been introduced to clearly outline the importance of this area to global strategy. A full complement of pedagogical features are consistently applied throughout the text in order to support students and to ensure they benefit from the wide-ranging content. Chapter summaries ensure students have a clear understanding of key points and discussion questions allow the reader to check their understanding and think around the subject.

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PublisherOxford University Press
Publish YearOctober 2012